Catherine e.

Professional voice over artist.

Currently working as an On-Air Personality for 107.1 KSLT, I do freelance voice over work for TV, Radio, and Narration. Looking towards working in animation.

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Freelance voice over work. Willing to travel to get the job done right. I have a radio show currently, have voiced tv commercials, regional radio commercials and PSAs. I have a 24 hour production return and a guarantee to get it 100% to Your liking.

PSA? I'll do it.

Tv Narration? Yep, me!

Radio commercial? Please, easy peasy.

Animation Voice Over? YOU BET!

Voice Over AND Singing Needed? Hello?! Pick me!! That's my jam!


Pricing is based on the specific job and the business. (A 501C3 will get a discounted rate through using my voice talents.) I am quite reasonable though because I love what I do and I want my clients to be satisfied . Let's talk and see what fits your budget too.


Happy clients

Sperra Studios   316.204.5885

You can speak with Neil Bontrager.

The HOUSE FM   580.767.1400

You can speak with Shaun Michaels or Tony Weir.

POWER 107.1 KSLT  605.342.6822 

You can speak with Jamie Knapp, John Derrek, Tom Schoenstedt.


Home Studio (Central Midwest)

EmaiL ME


Mon to Fri: 9am to 5pm       Sat: 9am to 12pm


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